Financial Affidavit

In order to file for divorce in South Carolina it is not necessary to hire an attorney. However, if you have any assets or children it may be a mistake to go forward without seeking legal advice. South Carolina, as with many states, requires each party to provide a complete financial affidavit that is sworn to by the party.  Documents that you should gather prior to your consultation with a South Carolina family law lawyer include:

  • income tax returns
  • pay stubs
  • monthly bills, including credit cards
  • checking account statements
  • any investment information with balances
  • insurance policies
  • IRA or retirement account information
  • deeds to any property
  • any written agreements between parties or notes

This information will enable the attorney to assist you in properly filling out the financial affidavit.  Most South Carolina family law lawyers are capable of helping you understand this affidavit and giving you advice on the process. Our Myrtle Beach divorce attorneys are able to provide assistance in many areas of divorce and custody issues in South Carolina. Contact our office in Myrtle Beach at 843-839-2900 to speak to a Myrtle Beach attorney today.  You may also contact us online.

We have divorce attorneys who handle family law cases in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Georgetown and througout South Carolina.

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