Premarital Agreements

In South Carolina, a party has the option of having a premarital agreement drafted. Otherwise known as a prenuptial or antenuptial agreements. These agreements are designed to control the financial assets of the parties in the event a divorce occurs. Many individuals fail to seek a prenuptial agreement and end up losing family property that they brought into a marriage. Our Myrtle Beach divorce lawyers are able to draft these premarital agreements so that the parties involved feel comfortable entering into their marriage.

Prenuptial agreements require disclosure of your financial standing and it is best that the other party is represented by an attorney. Any South Carolina family law attorney can represent the party. This ensures that there is no issue later with someone alleging that they did not know what they signed.  It is also important to remember that timing is important when signing a premarital agreement. You should not wait until the wedding is right around the corner. The premarital agreement should be finalized weeks prior to any marriage. There should also be no pressure exterted in order to get the other party to sign to the prenuptial agreement.

The South Carolina Supreme Court has determined that premarital agreements can alter many of the obligations related to marital duties. This allows parties to contract their duties during and after the marriage. In other words, you may be able to control ailmony or other areas of support upon a divorce. Our divorce lawyers in South Carolina recommend getting a prenuptial agreement in almost every marriage. Over half of the marriages today end in divorce. You hope yours does not, but things happen and you need to be able to control some of the outcome.  Contact our office at (843) 839-2900 or toll free at 1-800-94-TRIAL to schedule a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers.  You may also contact us online.

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